Man of War space battleship


Man of War space battleship

Acc/Top Speed: 20/400. Climb: 2 Toughness: 90(60)
Notes: Spacecraft/Atmospheric, Amphibious, Stabilizer, Heavy Armor, FTL Drive

Weapons: 24 laser batteries; range 150/300/600; damage 4d10, ROF 3; AP 60, Heavy Weapon

Weapons: 8 pulse cannons; range 150/300/600; damage 4d8+2, ROF 1, large burst template

Weapons: 10 Fusion missiles; range 200/400/800, damage 4d10, AP 100, Heavy Weapon ROF 1

This class of warship is used by the Galactic Imperium, although more than a few have ended up in the hands of Anathraxa and her Space Pirates.


Man of War space battleship

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